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How we help

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, restaurant technology that assists with online ordering and contactless delivery, pick up, and in-person ordering are no longer just nice-to-haves – they’re an essential part of generating revenue. 

Through Diamodis Connect technology solutions for restaurants and bars, there is finally a way forward for even the smallest enterprise to get a foothold on this essential growing trend enabling them to move forward and grow their sales reliably and profitably.

Diamodis retail & hospitality marketing solutions

Making all the difference


With over 30 years hands-on in the trenches marketing experience both on the streets and using the latest digital technology, you can be sure we’ve got you covered.


We know what it’s like running a business in these difficult times. So you can be sure that all our services are realistically priced and designed to be affordable.


We do our utmost to find the optimum solution to get you up and running and into profit fast. We only recommend what is best for YOUR business and never hard sell.

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Customer loyalty

We all know it’s much easier – and far cheaper – to sell to existing loyal patrons than to find new customers. And our loyalty rewards system helps you do just that.

The Diamodis TopRewards system enables small retail and hospitality businesses to compete with their big brothers in a totally hands-free way using the latest smartphone technology. And very cost-effectively!

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Plus all your printing needs

To further help our retail and hospitality clients, in addition to providing leading edge online order taking solutions, we can also provide a comprehensive range of print media.

Add in our impressive design capability and for many businesses this makes Diamodis a one-stop shop for all marketing requirements, both online and off.

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Retail comes of age

While shops have reopened, it is likely that many retailers will not return to business as usual for quite some time.

And a significant number of consumers who turned to eCommerce out of necessity appear to have become permanent fans of online shopping.

The good news is that Diamodis Retail is here to help even the smallest business get online and catapult their sales.